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The following workshops and information sessions are offered throughout the year. Producers and acreage owners alike should find something of interest, as the topics will be significant and varied. Workshops will cover important subject matter that is relevant and timely for projects that will benefit County residents as a whole.
(To register for any of the below events - complete the registration form at the bottom of this page)


Upcoming Events

  • West Country Ag Tour on Thursday, August 23, 2018 – Call Agriculture and Community Services at 403-846-4040 to RSVP by August 17. Click here for poster details.
  • The "Bear” Necessities – We live in bear country and 2018 has been a year of increased encounters between bears and humans.  Join Alberta Environment and Parks and Clearwater County to learn more about how to live in bear country. Watch the newspaper and County website for detailed infor-mation.
  • Wednesday, August 29 - Christenson Wellness Center at 7:00 pm – an open house for rural and urban folks with presentations and take-home information about bears.  Learn more about bear biology, habitat, attractants, reward behavior, human, pet and livestock protection, and more 
  • Thursday, August 30 - A field day close to Rocky Mountain House
    • Morning: the principles of electric fences - protecting a beeyard and demonstration of temporary electric fences for fruit trees and other seasonal attractants.
    • Afternoon:  buildling "on-farm carcass compost”  electric yard.  This site ‘s objective is to be a demonstration site. The goal is to promote an effective tool to manage deadstock carcasses on farm as they represent an important source of bear-human conflict. Must RSVP by August 27 – call Ag and Community Services to register at 403-845-4444.
  • Medicine River Watershed Society presents Plein Aire Painting & Photography Day with guest artist Heidi Taylor. Sunday, September 9 at Gilby Hall.  Come celebrate the beauty, diversity and importance of the watershed. Artists – for more info contact Derryn (403-746-5990), Erin (403-506-7913) or Ward (780-679-2113). Friends and neighbors are invited at 5:00 pm to view the art and enjoy supper provid-ed by the Medicine River Watershed Society.

Past Workshops

Canadian Beef Sustainability Workshop - January 26, 2018
Septic Sense Workshop - Tuesday February 27, 2018
Introduction to Living with Beavers - March 14, 2018
Digital Story Showcase - April 16, 2018
Planting Pollinator Pots Workshop - May 2, 2018
Septic Sense Workshop – May 15, 2018
Community Weed Control Meeting – May 23, 2018
Working Well Workshop – May 31, 2018
Weed Workshops - May 30, 2018
Weed Workshop - June 6, 2018

Archived 2017 Workshops

Tours and More

West County Ag Tour - August 23, 2018
The West Country Agricultural Tour is a summer tour of various agricultural and ag-related enterprises in Clearwater County. Traveling in coach bus comfort for a nominal charge our agricultural "tourists” enjoy a day of learning, camaraderie and food.

Planning for the 30th annual WCAT tour is well under way and all stops are now finalized. Please join us on August 24, 2017 at Gwendale Hall at 7.30am for a kick off hearty breakfast. See details here: WCAT Poster for August 23, 2018

Cattlemen's Day - November 23, 2017

The annual Cattlemen’s Day is a tribute to the hard working cattle producers in Clearwater County. Approximately 75 to 100 producers attend the gathering which features a great roast beef lunch. Cattlemen's Day is proud to feature quality speakers that present topics of significant interest to the local producer. A trade show accompanies this event featuring agencies and businesses with an interest in agriculture. Due to great sponsorship this event is free of charge.

For more information please use the following link to view the agenda: Cattlemen's Day 2017 Agenda
Celebrating Our Success
A Landcare member had an idea to bring people together to hear short stories about environmental stewardship and to provide plenty of social time to talk informally. The idea became a celebration in the fall of 2011 and was delivered under the name "Celebrating our Success". Look at the video clip to see some of the celebration.