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Municipal Development Plans

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At first glance it would seem that municipal land use planning is very dissimilar to the other departments of Clearwater County. In reality, one leads to another.  Through the shared use of information, we strive to promote principled, orderly development of property in Clearwater County. It also allows us to assist other county departments, governments, citizens, and the Clearwater County Council by providing geographic information for enhanced decision making.
Intermunicipal Development Plan (IDP)
Clearwater County and the Town of Rocky Mountain House cooperate extensively on economic development, tourism, recreation and the delivery of municipal services. The Town and County have adopted Municipal Development Plans to guide future land use decisions and development within their municipalities. There is a natural and logical extension of the cooperation between the two municipalities into the area of land use planning pertaining to the undeveloped portions of the town and an area beyond the town boundaries considered to be of mutual interest.

Intermunicipal planning is an ongoing effort between two or more municipalities to make land use planning decisions in a manner that reflects the mutual and individual interests of the affected municipalities. An Intermunicipal Development Plan (IDP) is one of the main tools used in this effort. 
Municipal Development Plan (MDP)

After extensive public consultation on July 13, 2010 Council passed the new Municipal Development Plan (2010) (MDP) which is the backbone of the County’s development strategy. The MDP provides a policy framework to guide decision making to achieve a vision of what the community of Clearwater County desires to be 25 – 30 years from now. The MDP guides future land use and community development decisions through a series of goals and policies that address environmental, economic and social components. It confirms Clearwater County’s desire to remain predominantly rural with outstanding employment and recreational opportunities.

The MDP provides landowners and developers with a policy framework to assist their individual assessment of possible land use changes they may want to pursue. As well, the MDP provides Clearwater County’s requirements, guidelines and directions for the preparation of local area plans and applications for re-designation, subdivisions and developments.