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Property Assessment

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Property assessment is a value placed on a property for municipal and provincial taxation purposes. Clearwater County property assessors gather information required to complete the annual assessment through property inspections, market comparisons reports, etc. Assessors may knock on your door for any of the following reasons: 
  • Assess new construction, newly renovated or development permit inquiries
  • Re-inspect a property that has been sold in the past 12 months
  • To do a general re-assessment to update to ensure accuracy
If you are not home and more information is required, the assessor will leave a red call back card, so that you can call the assessor to discuss the property or to arrange a time for an appointment. If you have questions about your assessment, please call the assessment department at (403) 845-4444.

Property Information Request Form

If you would like to request a
  • Tax certificate
  • Property assessment / taxation information
  • Aerial photo information
Please complete this FORM, and forward a scanned copy of a cheque made out to Clearwater County, in the amount for the products requested and email to

2018 Non-Residential Property Request for Information

Please click here to complete the Annual Property Tenant Report/Form.


Property Tax Exemption Form

To complete a property tax exemption form, click here. This application is for property tax exemption under the Municipal Government Act (MGA), Section 362 Exemptions for Government, churches and other bodies, in conjunction with the Community Organization Property Tax Exemption Regulation

More Information

(see also: Matters Relating to Assessment Complaints and Appeals Regulation located in the below folders for more information)