Clear Water Landcare

A farmer-based group formed in the late 1990’s, taking the name Rocky Riparian Group, to bring awareness to and education around agricultural practices beneficial to water and the land immediately adjacent and further upland of it.  Because the name was riparian, people living away from water thought the message was for someone else.  Not so.

Uplands and lowlands are inextricably connected.  To better communicate this the group took a broader view, rebranding as "Clear Water Landcare” in 2010.   The focus remained on awareness through education but with both farm and non-farm residents and the health of high ground and low ground the focus.


To some, the words "stewardship” implies people opposed to industry including agriculture or against certain types of recreation.  The word "steward” comes from an old English word meaning someone entrusted to take care of something on behalf of another – a caretaker.

The deeded land we own or the public land we borrow requires good caretakers.  When we make a living from a piece of land we best take care of it.  When we borrow something, we leave it in good shape for the next person.  That is what a good steward does.