Public Works Infrastructure & Maintenance

Public Works is the largest department in Clearwater County with over thirty (30) full time staff, and fifty (50) staff during peak summer months.
As Clearwater County has a large number of contractor resources available, the County’s philosophy is to have only a small, well maintained fleet of trucks and specialized equipment. In turn, the Public Works Department prides itself in employing highly-skilled professional staff responsible for administering County projects.

Clearwater County’s infrastructure consists of 2240 km of Roadway with 1900 km of gravel road and 341 km of surfaced road along with 175 bridges and bridge size culverts. Along with the road and bridge structures, Clearwater County also consists of five hamlets; Nordegg, Leslieville, Condor, Alhambra, and Withrow maintaining three sewer systems located in; Nordegg, Leslieville, Condor with one water treatment plant and distribution system located in Nordegg and three Maintenance Yards located in Rocky Mountain House, Caroline and Leslieville.