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GOVERNMENT Intermunicipal Collaboration

Intermunicipal Collaboration

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All municipalities with common boundaries must - within two years (spring 2020) of the new Municipal Government Act (MGA) coming into force - adopt Intermunicipal Collaboration Framework bylaws and Intermunicipal Development Plans (IDPs).
Implementation of mandatory regional planning mechanisms for land-use planning, and require municipalities to work together regarding delivery of services and cost-sharing. All municipalities with common boundaries will require to adopt an Intermunicipal Collaboration Framework. This framework will highlight and formalize existing collaborative work across the province, and provide a forum for neighbouring municipalities to work more closely together to better manage growth, coordinator service delivery, and optimize resources for citizens.

Intermunicipal Collaboration Framework must include:
  •     minimum requirements regarding intermunicipal land-use planning;
  •     minimum list of shared regional services;
  •     a dispute resolution process for when partnering municipalities cannot agree;
  •     timelines for completion;
  •     authority to exempt municipalities in certain cases; and
  •     other matters as required.

ICFs must be in place by April 1, 2020 (within two years of the legislative requirements coming into force).
To learn more about one of the many ICFs that Clearwater County will be working on, please click on a sub-page in the menu bar of this webpage.