The following is a list of local accommodations, please refer to the appropriate contact links for the most up to date information. 

 Bed & Breakfast

 Aurum Lodge
 Bushvelder B&B
 Grapevine B&B
 Lazy M Lodge
 Lodge Cabin B&B Phone: 403-845-7986 Fax: 403-845-3395 (summer only)
 Timber Green B&B
 Praire Creek Inn


 Shunda Creek Hostel


 Alpine Motel Phone: 845-3325 or 1-800-845-3325
 Best Western
 Canalta Hotel
 Chinook Inn
 David Thompson Resort
 Rocky Inn Express
 The House Motel
 New Old Town Cottages Email:
 Tamarack Motor Inn
 Voyager Motel
 Walking Eagle Inn

 Resorts and Retreats

 Aurum Lodge
 Boundary RV Park
 Camp Caroline
 Centre for Outdoor Recreation
 Cheechako Cabins
 Expanse Cottages
 Frontier Lodge
 Goldeye Centre
 Lazy M Lodge
 Nordegg Resort Lodge 
 Pinoneer Ranch Camp
 Wilderness Village