Nordegg and Leslieville Septage Receiving Stations

Clearwater County has recently commissioned commercial septic receiving stations at the lagoon sites, located on the outskirts of Nordegg, and within Leslieville.  A new automated system has been implemented to serve residents and commercial users with varying needs.  The new wastewater receiving system simplifies septage management and station payments.

 To Apply for an Account please go to the following website:

Upon registration, Clearwater County will receive notification and approve the new account. Users will then receive an access code and pin number. 

Until further notice, Clearwater County will continue to invoice for septage. If you have any questions or require assistance with setting up an account, please contact the office at 403-845-4444.

Septage Receiving Station Location (Nordegg)

Septage Receiving Station Location (Leslieville)