On Farm Water Management


Clearwater County offers a "do-it-yourself” approach to shock chlorination (disinfecting) domestic water wells. We offer to source your water well report through the provincial database and to calculate your shock chlorination (bleach to water) formula. For more complex concerns we can connect you with an Alberta Agriculture water expert. A 270 imperial gallon mix tank is available to rent ($35 per day with a $50 deposit).

For more than a decade the Working Well program has traveled Alberta teaching water well management and aquifer protection. Landcare has hosted many of these workshops, usually 2 a year. Watch for Working Well workshops in Clearwater County.

The Working Well program have factsheets to guide well owners. Click here for a complete listing.

When should I shock chlorinate my well?

  • Immediately after installing a new well.
  • Whenever repair work is done on your well, pump or distribution system.
  • Following contamination by flood water or any change in water clarity, color, or taste.
  • When lab tests show coliform bacteria in your well water.
  • Every year for maintenance, to prevent biofouling.

For more information or to book the tank, contact the Landcare team at landcare@clearwatercounty.ca or 403-845-4040.


Clearwater County Rules and Regulations Regarding Dugouts

All dugouts are considered a development and must meet the setback distance requirement of the Land Use District. Dugouts less than 1 acre in size for the purpose of agricultural use do not require a development permit. Non-agricultural dugouts or those larger than 1 acre require a development permit. Contact the Planning and Development department for more information.

Dugouts in Wetland Areas

When planning a dugout construction project, Alberta Environment and Parks can require an approval and/or license to be obtained through the Water Act before constructing in a waterbody/wetland or before diverting surface water or ground water.

Please look at the Water Act: Dugouts fact sheet to ensure your planned project does not qualify. If you are unsure, please contact Alberta Environment at 403-845-8240.

For more information please visit Water | Alberta.ca or contact the Agriculture and Community Services Department. 

Other Resources: Quality Farm Dugouts

Ever wonder how much water your dugout can hold or how big a dugout to construct? Click here to check out the calculator designed for lagoons but works for sizing dugouts. 

Wanting to stock a dugout with fish for fun or otherwise? There are best practices and requirements found in Constructing Dugouts for Fish

Septic Systems

Clearwater County is not an accredited municipality when it comes to Septic Systems. For septic system questions or information, refer to the Alberta Onsite Wastewater Management Association (AOWMA) or the Alberta Safety Codes Authority.

Water Testing

For household water well testing, please visit the Public Health Unit at the hospital. For Agricultural Water testing (dugouts that livestock drink out of), please contact Agriculture and Community Services.