SDAB Hearings - Decisions


An appeal of the approval to issue Development Permit 07/24 has been received and, in accordance with Section 686.2 of the Municipal Government Act, a hearing will be as follows: 

Hearing Date / Time:9:00 a.m., Friday, April 5, 2024
Hearing Location:Clearwater County Municipal Office Building (Council Chambers) at 4340 ­ 47 Avenue, Rocky Mountain House, Alberta
Hearing Number:24-001 Appeal of approval of Development Permit 07/24 for operation of a bare land wedding venue as a farm subsidiary business, subject to conditions.
Subject PropertyLegal Description: Plan 182 1698, Block 2, Lot 1 (Pt. SW 01-40-05-W5M)

 Please note: if you plan to attend the listed hearing, please register with the Clerk in Council Chambers. 

Before the SDAB hearing, a copy of the appeal application and supporting documentation will be available for inspection at Clearwater County Municipal Office, as of Noon Thursday, March 28, 2024 during regular business hours. Please contact Legislative Services at 403-845-4444 or email to schedule an appointment to view these documents.

Tracy Haight

Clerk, Subdivision and Development Appeal Board


The most recent SDAB Notice of Decision(s) are available below:

DateNumberDescriptionNotice of Decision
10/10/202323-011Appeal of Development Permit for legalization of a 320 square

foot (8' x 40') sea can with a variance to classify it as a tool shed.

Appeal Upheld - Development Permit Application 106/23

6/27/201818-001Appeal of Stop Order issued for development of a campground and/or quasi-recreational development for lack of development permit, located on Plan 8922155, Lot 1 (PT SE 19-35-08-W5M) - Clearwater Cottages. Link to Court Dismissal on 01/20/2020.
Stop Order in effect on Plan 8922155, Lot 1
June 27, 2018
10/16/201918-002Appeal of Development Permit 109/18 for Construction and Operation of a Cannabis Production Facility on PT NE 29-34-05-W5M Containing 40.0 Acres, more or less.Amended Development Permit Issued
01/11/201919-001Appeal of Development Permit for Legalization of a Second Residence on an Agricultural Parcel containing less than 80 acres.Appeal upheld - Development Permit 141/18 Revoked
01/28/201919-002Appeal of Development Permit No. 143/18 for Legalization of an Ancillary Building with a relaxation to the Side Yard Setback Requirement.Appeal Dismissed - Development Permit 143/18 Upheld
03/22/201919-003Appeal of Development Permit No. 08/19 for Operation of a Liquor Store in Nordegg.Appeal Dismissed
05/16/201919-006Appeal of Development Permit No. 127/18 for Development and Operation of a Sand and Gravel Pit (SW 21-39-08 W5M).Amended Development Permit Issued 127/18
06/20/201919-007Appeal of Home-based Occupation - Development Permit 16/19 (Nordegg).Appeal Dismissed 16/19
11/25/201919-009Appeal of refusal of Development Permit for Legalization of an Existing Home Occupation (Withrow).Appeal Upheld - Refused Development Permit 77/19
11/28/201919-011Appeal of amendments to Development Permit 20/13, which gave approval for the operation of the Horburg sand and gravel pit, a discretionary use on the referenced lands.  Amended Development Permit
01/17/202019-010Appeal to consider the preliminary matter as to whether the Appellant, Clearwater Cottages Ltd., has filed a valid appeal pursuant to the MGA s 685 (1) or (2). 19-010 - Two SDAB hearings 19-004 and 19-005 were consolidated and will be heard together as SDAB hearing 19-010.Appeal Refused
06/18/202020-001Appeal of Clearwater County's decision to issue a Stop Order for lack of development permit for the development and operation of a commercial campground, and lack of development permit for a second residence or guest house.Appeal Refused - Stop Order Upheld with Conditions
06/24/202020-002Appeal of MPC refusal of amendment to development permit 127/18 which requested to amend condition No. 8 and schedule "C” of the permit. Pidherney’s would like to amend the haul route to allow pit traffic to travel east out of the pit along Old Hwy 11A to the already paved portion and on to Hwy 11A, rather than west 12 kms down the Old Hwy 11A gravel to Horburg and backtrack to market.Amended Development Permit Issued
09/21/202121-001Appeal of development permit 104/21 to allow the development and operation of a sand and gravel pit.Amended Development Permit Issued
10/29/202121-002Appeal of the decision of the Municipal Planning Commission of Clearwater County to allow for the development and operation of a commercial serviced recreational vehicle park/campground (35 stalls).Appeal Upheld - Development Permit Application 90/21 Denied  
12/07/202121-003Appeal of Development Permit 206/21 for construction of a 3,072 square foot shop with an attached 480 square foot lean-to as an ancillary building for storage purposes in conjunction with the principal use of the property, being the operation of a construction camp, which is a discretionary use.Amended Development Permit Issued