Vision, Mission & Values

Together, the vision and mission provide direction and purpose for Council as an organization and clear guidance to administration as they create and implement their operational plans to align with the vision and mission.
A community vision indicates what a successful community in the future looks like to the current Council and provides a long-term strategic direction for the community. A vision should be simple, clear and should identify what makes Clearwater County a unique and desirable community. Council, through some facilitated work devised the following statement:
Community, prosperity and natural beauty - connected.

A mission statement declares the core purpose of the Council and administration and describes how Council will achieve its vision for the community. A mission has a present-day focus and describes how the organization will bring benefit to its community.
Through proactive municipal leadership, we will invest innovatively to generate and support economic and population growth, to position Clearwater County for a sustainable, prosperous  future.

Core Values
  1. The affairs of the County will be conducted in an open, honest and respectful manner. A high degree of integrity and approachability is expected of all County officials and staff.
  2. All County officials and staff are accountable for their actions and decisions.  Councillors are accountable to the electors, and staff is accountable through the Chief Administrative Officer to Council.  All decisions are expected to be made in the best long term interests of the municipality as a whole.
  3. Clearwater County staff are valued. The County endeavours to be an employer of choice and encourages personal and professional development.
  4. The financial well-being of the County is of primary importance, and will be monitored and protected.
  5. The County will be proactive in developing efficient and effective relationships or partnerships that provide benefit for residents and businesses.
  6. The County recognizes and supports the Town of Rocky Mountain House, the Village of Caroline and the Summer Village of Burnstick Lake as independent local governments and will strive to share and enhance service responsibilities wherever practical for the benefit of residents of each municipality.
  7. The County recognizes the three First Nations governments (Sunchild, O’Chiese and Bighorn) and the importance of fostering ongoing relationships.
  8. A high regard will be paid to environmental education and stewardship. Opportunities to explore and enjoy natural assets will be developed and provided to local residents and other users in cooperation with other governments and the private sector. Industry and other users of the land will be expected to conduct their activities in a responsible manner.