Amalgamation Study

Clearwater County and the Village of Caroline have started the process to explore the possibility of amalgamating the two municipalities. This page is dedicated to providing updates on the project as information becomes available.

High Level Project Overview

November 2, 2023 Update

On November 2, 2023, the first meeting of the Clearwater County & Village of Caroline Amalgamation Councils Committee of the Whole was held in the Clearwater County Council Chamber. These meetings mark the beginning of formal negotiations, with a focus on transparency through live-streaming and recording. The establishment of this Amalgamation Committee comes from recently passed bylaws that enable the two municipalities to formally enter negotiations prior to making a decision on whether or not to pursue amalgamation. More updates will be provided as information becomes available.

For those interested, you can view the live stream on the County's YouTube Channel or find more information on the official website.

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County-Village Amalgamation Negotiations

September 12, 2023 Update

Following the Amalgamation Study Report presented to both Councils in May of 2023, the Village of Caroline Council authorized negotiations to begin with Clearwater County; and, in September 2023, Clearwater County reciprocated this authorization for immediate amalgamation negotiations, involving the entire Councils. These negotiations are to be conducted through an Amalgamation Committee.

Project Background

In January 2020, the Village of Caroline Council indicated a desire to enter negotiations for Amalgamating with Clearwater County. 

Subsequently, Clearwater County, in partnership with the Village of Caroline, applied for an Alberta Community Partnership (ACP) – Municipal Restructuring Study Stream Grant. 

As of June 28, 2022, both Village and County Councils authorized the Clearwater – Village Intermunicipal Collaboration Committee to undertake and oversee the amalgamation study project.

Frequently Asked Questions

It is important to note that no final decision has been made about amalgamation by either Village Council or Clearwater County Council yet. The decision must be made by both the County and the Village, and then a request will be sent to the Province of Alberta. 

Past News Releases