Developing a budget is a year-round process.  Administration prepares a budget to cover the next year’s anticipated operating and capital costs based on priorities identified by Council . This budget is then reviewed by Clearwater County Council during meetings that run over multiple days (Strategic Planning Council Committee of the Whole meetings - or budget deliberations).  

What is an operating budget?

The operating budget shows the day-to-day costs of delivering programs and services for the next year. These costs are similar to your everyday household expenses such as mortgage payments, utilities or groceries.

The operations budget is prepared to a four-year outlook, but reviewed and approved yearly. 

What is a capital budget?

The capital budget indicates the funds needed for a specific year of the 10-year capital planning period. It is how major projects are funded such as bridge rehabilitation and construction; building and improving public facilities such as recreation facilities (Rocky Regional Recreation Centre), community centres/halls, fire halls and equipment; dealing with growth pressures such as new roads; and new initiatives. These costs are similar to adding an addition to your home this year.

The capital budget is prepared to a 10-year outlook, but reviewed and approved yearly.

Draft Proposed 2024 Budget

Clearwater County Council will hold budget deliberations from December 6-7, 2023 in preparation for adopting the 2024 budget during a Special Council meeting on December 19, 2023. 

The public is invited to provide feedback through this webpage.

Past Budget News Releases