Economic Development

Economic Development Strategy


Clearwater County has adopted an Economic Development Strategy (click here to view the PDF) based on input from residents, business, and an investment readiness assessment. 

There are four main areas of focus:
  1. Foster a Culture of Growth
  2. Prepare for Business Growth
  3. Prepare for People Growth
  4. Promote Opportunities

The summaries of each community input session are linked below.

Comprehensive Community Profile

The Community Profile (click here to view the PDF) is a document published in October 2019 that contains information about Clearwater County that is of interest to potential investors. The report document includes demographics, County assets and statistics that can assist in the decisions making process regarding investment and site selection.

Links to Other Economic Development Pages and Activities

Central Alberta Economic Partnership (CAEP)

Clearwater County is a member of the Central Alberta Economic Partnership (CAEP). CAEP is a regional economic development alliance of 42 members and 14 associate members that serves as a model for collaborative community economic development.
CAEP is recognized as both an innovative way to facilitate rural economic development and serves as a vital partner in the continued diversification of central Alberta's economy. For more information on the Central Alberta Economic Partnership click here.



If you have any questions about Economic Development in Clearwater County, please contact Jerry Pratt, Economic Development Officer, at 403-845-4444.