Broadband Background

Clearwater County’s Broadband Internet Project is a multi-year initiative that aims to deliver high-speed Internet connectivity to a majority of residents and businesses in the County. High-speed Internet access has been consistently identified as an essential component of economic and social well-being by County residents. A vast majority of County residents and businesses are under-served by available Internet services, most of which fall below the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission’s (CRTC) standards for broadband speeds.

In the County's Strategic Plan 2019-2022, Council has formally recognized the goal of providing Internet accessibility to the majority of County residents and businesses as a key priority. It also adopted a municipal broadband policy that provides a framework to guide the initiative. As part of its efforts to bridge the digital divide in the County, Council has committed to building a high-speed broadband Internet network and is currently considering a plan to achieve this goal.

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