Grants & Funding Opportunities

Clearwater County's Caring for My Land Grant (C4ML)

  • Recognizing the cost associated with on-the-ground practice change, the Caring for My Land (C4mL) program is intended to reduce the financial burden that comes with implementing beneficial practice change. 
  • Funding is provided through the provincial Watershed Resiliency and Restoration Program (WRRP).  WRRP focuses on improving upland and lowland areas making watersheds more resilient to seasonal runoff and high water events and periods of drought or water deficiency. 

COST SHARE: 25% - 75% up to $5000

  • Eligible rural farm and non-farm landowners will receive 75% cost share funding for riparian fencing along streams, creeks, rivers, springs and surface water bodies, 25% cost share funding for eligible dugout fencing and offsite watering systems (projects benefiting watershed resiliency will be prioritized) and 50% cost share funding for all other projects and approved expenses - up to $5000 reimbursement per project.

Eligible Projects include (but not limited to):

  • Off-site watering systems
  • Riparian or streambank fencing (include grazing plan)
  • Cross fencing for rotational grazing to distribute nutrients
  • Beaver pond levelers or exclusion fencing
  • Bridge material for livestock crossings
  • Portable windbreaks/shelters for winter feeding and bedding sites to help distribute nutrients away from runoff areas
  • Development of berms, catchments or filtering buffers to catch runoff
  • Establishment of eco-buffers, shelterbelts and deep rooted perennial forage to filter and retain water

Ineligible Projects include:

  • Replacement of existing fence
  • Drilling a new well
  • Constructing a new dugout

*ALL projects must directly or indirectly protect natural surface water*

Call 403-846-4040 for more information or for an application.

Sustainable Canadian Agricultural Partnership (S-CAP)

The next agricultural policy framework, the Sustainable Canadian Agricultural Partnership is a five-year (2023–2028) investment by federal, provincial and territorial (FPT) governments to strengthen and grow Canada's agriculture and agri-food sector. It will replace the Canadian Agricultural Partnership (CAP), ending March 31, 2023.

Currently the Water Program is accepting applications for water supply projects (new wells and dugouts for agricultural use) and for irrigation projects. 

To be eligible for on-farm water supply projects under the Program, an applicant must be a primary producer that is:

  • responsible for input costs or agricultural crops or livestock producing at least $10,000 worth of farm commodities annually, but does not include a landlord whose only interest in the crop or livestock is that of ownership of the land; and
  • liable to pay Alberta income tax or corporate tax (or claim losses) on income from the production of farm commodities under the Income Tax Act (Canada) or the Alberta Corporate Tax Act.

Visit the program page to learn more about what is eligible for funding and to access application forms.

Recreation Grant Funding: North Saskatchewan and Raven Recreation Areas

Clearwater County also provides support for local community hall groups in the form of insurance payment support and capital and operational grant funding. Recreational organizations and groups that fall within the boundaries of the North Saskatchewan and Raven Recreation Areas are eligible for assistance with funding for small projects and programming. 

For the purposes of this fund, recreation shall refer to those projects that give opportunity to people of all ages to take part in healthy and beneficial activities. Examples of qualifying projects would be shale for ball diamonds, boards for ice rinks, updates to playground equipment, etc. Funds may also be put towards a larger recreational project that has had the majority of funds raised through other sources. Operational or maintenance costs are not covered by these grants.
  • For a map of the County's recreation districts please click here
  • For guidelines or to apply for recreation funding in the North Saskatchewan and Raven recreation districts, please refer to the Forms and Applications page.

Community Halls Grant 

Clearwater County's Community Hall Grant Funding provides annual grants to community halls in Clearwater County to allow them to remain sustainable and active in their community. Community Hall Associations will be given the responsibility to allocate funds according to their individual needs and apply elsewhere for funds that are required above and beyond the County's annual allocation. For guidelines or to apply, please refer to the Forms and Applications page.

Emergent Facility Infrastructure Grant for Community Halls

Clearwater County provides grant funding to Community Halls in Clearwater County for large emergent facility infrastructure projects or upgrades required to meet building and fire code requirements. Please contact Agriculture & Community Services for more information.

Clearwater County Heritage Grant

The Clearwater County Heritage Grant aims to support community efforts that will interpret, recognize or celebrate our local heritage. Due to the pandemic and the changing gathering restrictions, we are fielding inquiries on an on going basis. Please email or call 403-845-4444.
  • Grant guidelines are available here
  • To complete the application form click here

Forms and Applications