Strategic Plan

Clearwater County's Strategic Plan acts as a guide to provide focus and purpose to all that we do. It is the most important plan as it shapes our organization, municipal programs and services we provide to residents of Clearwater County.


2019-2022 Strategic Plan

Every four years, following the municipal elections, work on renewing the strategic plan begins; however, strategic planning is an ongoing activity through monitoring, reporting and budgeting. Strategic planning is used to determine long-term vision and goals, and to develop the action plan to achieve those goals

During Council’s strategic planning workshops in November 2017 and June 2018, Council identified a number of goals and strategies to improve Clearwater County’s economic development and prosperity. From this list, Council set some key priorities that were seen as both timely and most important for the success of the community.
During the month of October 2018, Council reviewed public input before adopting the 2019-2021 Strategic Plan at their November 13, 2018 regular meeting.



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