Rocky to Nordegg Trail

In 2009, Clearwater County started developing a multi-user trail system along abandoned Rail line, covering 109 kilometers between Rocky Mountain House and Nordegg. View or download the Rocky Nordegg Trail Concept Plan here (25.72 MB)
The trail plans to include rest stops, picnic sites and a few remote campsites. Users will be able to access the trail through a number of staging areas at: Prentice Creek Road, Chambers Creek, Jackfish Creek, Saunders, Harlech and Nordegg townsite. The three-metre wide trail will be open for use by quads, motorbikes, pedestrians, mountain bikers and horseback riders. In the winter, cross-country skiing, snowshoeing and dog sledding will also be possible.

Update for 2020

The Rocky to Nordegg Trail was upgraded from the staging area at Nordegg to Beaverdam a few years ago. In 2019, the section from Beaverdam to Harlech was completed. On the 2009 Concept Plan Map you will see there is an alternate option for the Beaverdam to Harlech route that stays south of the highway and this is the route that was followed. The plan is to proceed from Harlech to Saunders along the existing rail trail when provincial grant funding becomes available. 

Rocky Nordegg Trail Maps

Leg 1 - Rocky to Prentice Creek

Leg 2 - Rocky to Prentice Creek Road / Prentice Creek Road to Chambers Creek

Leg 3 - Prentice Creek Road to Chambers Creek

Leg 4 - Chambers Creek to Horburg

Leg 5 - Horburg to Baker Road

Leg 6 - Horburg to Baker Road / Baker Road to Saunders

Leg 7 - Baker Road to Saunders

Leg 8 - Saunders to Harlech

Leg 9 - Harlech to Beaver Dam

Leg 10 - Beaver Dam to Nordegg Townsite

Rocky to Horberg

Horberg to Saunders

Saunders to Nordegg