Community Peace Officers

Clearwater County's Community Peace Officers (CPOs) work in the community to provide proactive public safety and education to all stakeholders in the areas of traffic safety, infrastructure protection, and Emergency Management.  

Clearwater County CPOs (Highway Patrol) are employed by the municipality, are in uniform, and operate fully marked emergency vehicles.  They are legislated by the Alberta Public Safety and Emergency Service Ministry under the authority of the  Alberta Peace Officer Act and Municipal Government Act to enforce several municipal, provincial, and federal statutes, and are also responsible for:  
  • County Infrastructure Protection and major truck hauls (Highway Management Bylaw)
  • Traffic Safety on roads within Clearwater County
  • Enforcing and investigating certain types of bylaw complaints
  • Assisting RCMP, Alberta Sheriff's branch, Forestry, Environmental Protection, and other CPO agencies when required.
  • Assist County departments when required (Clearwater Regional Fire Rescue Services, Planning & Development)
  • Emergency Management during major events
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Who We Are

Sergeant Terri Miller

Terri has been involved in law enforcement for 30 years and has been a Peace Officer with Clearwater County for over 21 years. With a lengthy background in traffic enforcement, Terri has dedicated her career to ensure vehicles are in safe working order and the drivers of those vehicles are operating them in a safe manner.   

Terri has been the President of the Alberta Association of Community Peace officers for many years and works closely with law enforcement and Government stakeholders on many Provincial initiatives and committees including the Alberta Traffic Safety Committee, and the Alberta Off Highway Vehicle Safety committee. She is also a member of the Alberta Association of Chiefs of Police, the International Law Enforcement Trainers Association, and the International Chiefs of Police Association.   

In 2018, Terri received the Peace Officer Long Service Medal, and was presented the Peace Officer Exemplary Service Medal and her 32-year Emergency Services medal in 2019.  In 2022 she was presented with the prestigious Queens Platinum Jubilee Medal.  

Officer Ron McIvor

Ron came to Clearwater County after 10 years with Alberta Transportation as a Transport Officer and has been with the County for 16 years. Ron brings several years of knowledge and expertise in the field of commercial vehicles and was a certified CVSA inspector for 23 years.  He holds an On Highways inspector designation in Dangerous Goods and Livestock Rollovers.  He is trained in Incident Command Systems ICS100, ICS200 and ICS300 and has assisted with many different types of incidents. Ron is actively involved in many aspects of enforcement and education including Rural Crime Watch and Industry compliance.    

In 2019, Ron received his Alberta Long Service and 22-year Emergency Services medal.  

Officer Jason Lucas

Jason joined our staff in June of 2014 after spending 18 years with the RCMP where he was a Corporal on the Rocky Mountain House/Blackfalds traffic unit. Jason comes to the team with previous commercial vehicle enforcement (CVSA) and collision analysist experience and.  He is an On Highways Transport of Dangerous Goods inspector.  His many years of traffic enforcement experience and education is a big asset to the Clearwater team and the Community Police Advisory Committee. 

In 2019, Jason received his 22-year Emergency Services Medal. 

Officer Chad Cumberland

Chad is the newest member of our team after he was hired in September 2020.  He brings over 11 years of experience from the Alberta Sheriffs Branch and is a welcome addition to the team. Chad is the lead for off highways patrols and will be working with the team to ensure the safety of recreational users of the west country.  

Protection of Infrastructure

Enforcement of heavy hauls and weights & dimensions on county roads ensures that companies operating in Clearwater County are working within the legal weights allowed thereby protecting the infrastructure from damage and reducing the tax burden on residents for road repairs.  

If you require information on obtaining a Road Use Agreement, please call 403-845-4444 or refer to: Highway Management Bylaw 

Officers work closely with industry and offer information sessions regarding new legislation and regulations.  


Public and Traffic Safety

Officers are fully trained as first responders for collisions and emergencies that occur in the County. Due to the vast area that the Officers patrol each patrol vehicle is equipped with an Automatic Electronic Defibrillator, trauma & oxygen kits, and equipment. They are trained in Emergency Management and Incident Command Systems. Officers patrol the West Country for violations of the Traffic Safety Act and Public Lands Act 



Rural crime is a concern throughout Alberta, including in Clearwater County. Below is information on crime prevention and programs to help keep our rural communities safe. 

The Alberta Provincial Rural Crime Watch Association want to help reduce crime in rural areas and to create a more thorough understanding and awareness of crime prevention and best safety practices. They provide opportunities and resources for citizens to take action in protecting what's most important to them. Together with local RCMP detachments and community organizations, they create a strong awareness, expand law presence, and help reduce crime. 

Clearwater County Community Peace Officers work closely with rural crime watch groups operating within the County boundaries. 

Rural crime is a concern throughout Alberta, including in Clearwater County. Below is information on crime prevention and programs to help keep our rural communities safe. 

RCMP Community Crime Map

The new Crime Map, which is a “K” Division Crime Reduction Strategy, is a targeted, evidence-based approach to informing residents about 5 crime types: 

  • Break and Enters 
  • Stolen Vehicles 
  • Missing Persons 
  • Theft from Motor Vehicles and 
  • Mischief 

These crime types have been chosen for the map because they are opportunities where people can help reduce crime by practicing crime prevention strategies, or by reporting suspicious activity that may help the RCMP make arrests.  

Learn more here:          


OHV Use in Clearwater County

Using Off-Highway Vehicles (OHVs) for recreational purposes can be a great way to spend the weekend with your family, but OHVs have potential dangers that can result in personal injury or even death. Clearwater County is one of the largest OHV destinations for visitors and residents. It is essential OHV users follow Clearwater County OHV Bylaw and provincial acts relating to proper OHV use and safety precautions. 

OHV operators who do not follow municipal regulations are committing an offence and will be fined accordingly. Under Clearwater County OHV Bylaw, offence fines range from $250 to $1,000. 

Please note: The bylaw does not apply to highways, which are under the jurisdiction of the province. Riding OHVs is not permitted on 2 & 3-digit provincial highways, this includes riding in the ditches and right-of-ways along the roadways. Refer to the Traffic Safety Act and the Off-highway Vehicle Regulation.

Respect private property!

OHVs should not be operated on other people's property unless they have received permission from the property owner. Unauthorized riding is:

  • Trespassing
  • Against the law
  • Damaging to crops, fences and other valuable items


Long Weekend Taskforce

As residents of Clearwater County, we know that many Albertans come to provincial public lands – or the "West Country” – to enjoy the natural beauty of the area. Although most users are respectful of the land they use for recreation, unfortunately a small minority are not. 

Use of the West Country is increasing which in turn has increased the level of stress on public land and risk of public safety. Education and Enforcement enable upwards of 50,000 people heading into the West Country to continue to have a safe and enjoyable life.  

Long Weekend Task Force aims to provide coordinated multi-agency enforcement and aims to educate users on traffic safety, the safe use of OHV’s, respect for the land, responsible camping, fire safety and garbage disposal.  The partnerships that have developed over the past 12 years between both provincial and municipal governments, the RCMP, industry and private user groups are crucial to ensure sustainable public lands usage into the future. The Long Weekend Task Force is going to continue to grow as use of the West Country keeps rising. With the help of residents, understanding visitors and volunteers, we will continue to protect Clearwater County West Country. 

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