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Welcome to Our Backyard. Please enjoy it with respect.

Random camping and trail use in the west country is a unique opportunity. Visitors enjoy unparalleled scenery and diverse recreation experiences. The benefits brought to the local economy are greatly appreciated. Our recreational choices are important, as natural landscapes are easily damaged, especially in wet conditions.

Treat forests, foothills, mountains, rivers, streams, lakes and the creatures that live among them with respect today so others may experience them tomorrow.

Sasquatch & Partners encourages visitors to camp and travel in areas that are safe for the traveler and for the environment by:
  • promoting responsible use of the natural areas of the west country including preserving aquatic habitat and the integrity of sensitive areas
  • mitigating the risks related to random camping near well sites and use of pipeline rights-of-way
  • keeping recreational activities compatible with industry and environmental stewardship
  • finding positive solutions to some of the challenges that arise when industry and recreation intersect in the west country.
  • Sasquatch’s message of respect and ecological stewardship in the west country focuses on building a sense of community pride and ownership by residents, workers and visitors that will be effective and sustainable in the long term.
Sasquatch’s grassroots effort is gaining traction and spreads the message of respectful, safe and ecologically sound enjoyment of natural landscapes - forests, foothills and mountains connected by rivers, streams and lakes.

The Sasquatch and Partners efforts began in 2013 as a collaboration between Clearwater County, industry and local Provincial government staff. Since that time, other community organizations and businesses have joined the Sasquatch movement encouraging visitors and citizens of Clearwater County to camp and travel in areas that are safe for the traveler and for the environment.  

Sasquatch-Approved Recreation:
  • Pack out all garbage and recycling.
  • Control your campfire and make sure it is out when you leave.
  • Keep campsites a minimum of 50 metres from oil and gas facilities.
  • Stay on existing trails and share trails with others.
  • Respect wildlife and the upland and lowland areas where they live.
  • Respect livestock such as cattle and horses.
If you have a question of how Sasquatch can work with your organization, or to request the use of Sasquatch's copyrighted image, please contact the Agricultural and Community Services department at 403-845-4444.
Clearwater Trails Initiative (CTI)

The Clearwater Trails Initiative (CTI) is a friend of Sasquatch, working to help random campers and recreational motorized vehicle users find safe, environmentally-friendly places to enjoy in the West Country.

Click here to learn more about CTI including summer trail maps. 

Did you can report someone damaging the environment?

Report it

Sasquatch’s message of environmental stewardship continues to expand with Sasquatch appearing across Clearwater County and also making a few guest appearances at conferences and sports shows across the province. You may also find Sasquatch's image in the Counties of Brazeau, Greenview, Mountain View and Yellowhead with those municipalities signing a memorandum to use Sasquatch in like manner within their borders. You may even see him on a stylish t-shirt.
Want a memorable reminder of what Sasquatch stands for? Purchase a T-shirt at the tourism visitor centers in Rocky Mountain House or Nordegg or at Caroline Supplies. Watch for Sasquatch’s riding around in his SUV. Find out more about safe camping and riding in Sasquatch’s brochure and pick up a copy of the "Our Backyard” kids activity book.
Sasquatch Acitivty BookSasquatch t-shirtSasquatch SUV