Rural Addressing Information

Know Your Rural Address

Post your 911 address near your phone and memorize it. Telus has now switched over to rural addresses for their 911 system. This means, when you place a call to 911, you must be able to provide your rural address to them.

Remember that your address MUST include both your house number and the ROAD NAME.

*Alberta First Call and most utility companies are now utilizing these rural/911 addresses in their systems as well.

What is Rural Addressing?

Rural Addressing is a standardized system for the purpose of assigning an address to rural properties within Clearwater County.  Your rural address is more than just an address, it is also your 911 address.  The objective of this program will allow every residence and business in the County to be easily identified and located by emergency response personnel such as police, fire, ambulance services, along with other local service and utility providers, residents and non-residents.

How are Rural Addresses created?

Rural Addresses are based on the location of the access (driveway) along Township Roads, Range Roads and Highways (for the purpose of Rural Addressing, virtual township roads exist between all sections whether an actual road exists or not).

The address of the residence/business is determined by the location of the driveway as it intersects the grid road (Twp. / Range Rd)

Address numbers increase from South to North and from East to West, with odd numbers being on the South and East side of the road and even numbers on the North and West side of the road.

The Grid is derived from Township and Range Roads. The grid is based on 40 meter intervals starting in the far Southeast Section corner.

Address Examples: 
391031 – RGE RD 6-2 the first 3 digits are the reference road to the south of the property – the next three digits denote which 40 meter interval the driveway is located. The last part of the address is the Access Road – RGE RD 6-2 Odd numbers indicates East side of Road – (Range Roads run north and South)

65036 – TWP RD 36-5 The first two digits tell us that we are west of Range Rd 6-5 (That is our reference road) – last three digits tell us which 40 meter interval in that section that the driveway is located on. TWP RD 36-5 – Access road (Which road we are physically on) Even number indicates property is on the North side of the road (Twp. Roads run East and West)

Multiple Dwellings

If there are two or more residences that access off the same driveway – the house number will be followed by a letter designation e.g. ( A, B, C, D) e.g. 341067A & 341067B RGE RD 4-1.

Click Here for Rural Address Diagram

Rural Addresses in Multi-Parcel Subdivisions

In 2008 the addressing of multi-lot subdivisions that are accessed from internal subdivision or forced roads throughout the County was completed. Each of these subdivisions has gone through a naming process and these names have been adopted by Clearwater’s Council. Within each subdivision the internal roads have been named and each property has been assigned a house number and road name. For Multi-lot Subdivisions, every property has been assigned an address whether vacant or improved with a residence/business

For the most part, addresses are in increments of four. They start at the main road and work inwards or in a clock-wise direction with the road they access off being the last part of their address. Where possible – the internal roads were named after the subdivision.  Addresses in Multi-parcel Subdivision consists of a house number and a road name.

For example: 4 Clearwater Estates Close or 15 Echo Canyon Drive

Who Assigns Rural Addresses?

Rural Addressing information is assigned and maintained by the GIS Department. They maintain all the current addresses and assign new ones when development requires it. When an owner or developer requires a Rural Address for new development, they will request this information through the Planning and Development Department as a standard step in the development process.

Other Important Information

Aside from emergency assistance, utility companies, line locators, and delivery drivers, etc. are all now using rural addressing as well. The purpose of knowing your rural address is to ensure the best and quickest way of getting you whatever kind of assistance it is that you may need.

* Your rural address is not a mailing address nor does it replace your legal description.
* Rural Addressing Maps for both Multi-lot Subdivisions and Rural Clearwater can be found on our website