Community Halls

Covid-19 Information

Update December 6, 2021

Clearwater County has not mandated the restrictions exemption program. It is the responsibility of each community hall to determine how they would like to maintain operations with the current restrictions in place. Ag and Community Services is available as information support and we will do our best to answer any questions regarding Covid-19 restrictions, the restriction exemption program, and Clearwater County Community Hall Grants. 

Community Halls that do not wish to partake in the Restrictions Exemption Program (REP) are restricted from indoor public dining. 

If a renter is willing to implement the REP for their event they are welcome to do so as long as the operator is ensuring the renter is adhering to REP requirements and ensuring public health restrictions in the rest of the facility, where REP is not implemented. 

Province of Alberta - Restrictions Exemption Program

As of September 20, 2021, in-scope organizations must follow one of these 2 options:

  1. Implement the Restrictions Exemption Program requiring proof of vaccination, negative test results or medical exemption for patrons 12 and over, plus mandatory masking, to continue operating as usual, or
  2. Comply with all public health restrictions as outlined in Order 44-2021.

Financial support is now available to help offset costs of implementing the program.

Program Requirements

The Restrictions Exemption Program permits in-scope businesses, entities and organizers to operate without most public health restrictions as outlined in Order 45-2021. Masks are still mandatory indoors.

Operators that are out-of-scope or choose not to fully implement the program must comply with all public health restrictions outlined in Order 44-2021.

How to participate

Operators do not need to apply, but must follow or exceed the program requirements at all times, including requiring all patrons aged 12 and over to provide valid:

    • proof of vaccination, or
    • proof of a privately paid negative rapid test result taken within 72 hours of service, or
    • documentation of a medical exemption
    • Scan QR code using AB COVID records verifier app
    • Over 18 years old – must provide identification


Weddings and Funerals for Community Halls

Mandatory restriction - Effective Sept. 20

    • Indoor wedding ceremonies and funeral services are permitted with up to 50 people or 50% of fire code occupancy, whichever is less, unless the hosting facility implements the Restrictions Exemption Program.
    • Indoor wedding and funeral receptions are prohibited, unless the hosting facility implements the Restrictions Exemption Program.
    • Outdoor ceremonies, services and receptions are permitted with up to 200 people and must follow liquor sales and consumption restrictions (sales end at 10pm, consumption by 11pm), unless the hosting facility implements the Restrictions Exemption Program.

Community Hall Grant Information

Clearwater County hosts a number of community halls, offering a wide variety of services and amenities within our area. County Council supports local halls by providing them with insurance coverage, as well as bi-annually budgeting funds towards a Capital Grant that halls may apply for.

For more information on Clearwater County's Grant Funding for Community Halls:

Please click HERE to view the updated Grant Funding for Community Halls Policy

Please click HERE to view the updated Grant Funding for Community Halls Procedure

Please click HERE to view the Application Form for Community Hall Funding. 


List of Community Halls

The Alhambra Community Hall is located at NE 8-39-5-5 
Amenities include:  Hall and ball diamond
Hall contact: Sabrina McMeekin (403-877-7315)  Ball Diamonds: Dana Dickson (403-396-7824)


The Arbutus Community Hall is located at SE 33-38-6-5. 
Hall capacity: 120+
Hall contact: Chantelle Velichka (403-846-3194)


The Aurora Community Hall is located at RGE RD 51-A (NE 34-41-5)
Hall contact: Tracy Gardner (403-729-2638)


The Bingley Community Hall is located at 403039 RGE RD 6-1 (NE 24-40-6-5). 
Fifteen minutes north east of Rocky Mountain House on RR 6-1 and Highway 12 intersection (signed 800 meters south)
Hall capacity: 80
Hall contact: Elaine Gusek (403-846-1504) or Brenda Hannah (403-845-3140)
Amenities include: A 9 hole golf course within five minutes’ drive, creek fishing in the area and twenty minutes from swimming at Crimson Lake ideal for family reunions.
Kitchen has 2 fridges, cook stove, a small deep freeze and microwaves, large and small.
Coffee urns are supplied and the hall accommodates 80 people with tables and chairs / random camping with no serviced lots / accommodates 20 trailers / fire pit, gravel pad, baseball diamond, horse shoe pits.  
Hall rental rate: $75.00/day
Great for weddings, funerals, Christmas parties, etc. There is also a half day rental (4 Hrs) $35.00 that is great for bridal showers, birthdays or meetings. All rentals require a damage deposit of $100.00.  


The Butte Community Hall is located at 55020 TWP RD 37-3 (SE 19-37-5-5).
Hall capacity: 80
Hall contact: Darlene Houlton (403-722-4091)

Buster Creek - Crimson Lake

The Buster Creek - Crimson Lake Community Hall is located at 401026 HWY 756 (SE 12-40-8-5).
Hall capacity: 125+
Amenities include: kitchen facilities, outdoor shelter, playground, ball diamonds, horseshoe pits, fire pits and camper parking
Hall contact:


The Condor Community Hall is located at 642 Condor Road (NE 6-39-4-5). 
Hall capacity: 250
Hall contact: Penni Lougheed (403-357-4859)


The Crammond Community Hall is located at 54004 TWP RD 35-4 (SE 29-35-5-5).
Hall contact:  For rental arrangements contact Diane Willsie at 403-722-2247.
Hall Capacity: capacity is 120 people, but seats about 100 people for a sit down meal.
Amenities include: a kitchen, UV water system, playground, horseshoe pits, gazebo, a deck with picnic tables, a new camping area and a fire pit.

The Dovercourt Community Hall is located at 65080 TWP RD 37-2 (SW 18-37-6-5). 
Hall contact: Faye Roseth (403-845-4323/403-844-0751)
Hall capacity: 350+
Amenities Include: A large hardwood dance floor, overhead projector, stage with curtains, piano and lighting, commercial kitchen, clean modern washrooms, dedicated bar area, camping and RV parking (No Hook-ups), picnic tables, gazebo, baseball field, horse shoe pits, playground and a fire pit.


The Everdell Community Hall is located at 383013 RGE RD 7-3 (SW 22-38-7-5).
Hall contact: Courtney Murray (587-436-0087)
Hall capacity: 250


The Evergreen Community Hall is located at 44046 TWP RD 38-0 (SW 5-38-4-5).
From the junction of Highways 11 and 761, go 10 km south on Highway 761 and then 4 km east on Township Road 380. 
Hall capacity: 350
Hall contact: Chris Cech (403-348-6514)
Amenities include: a large stage with sound system, full kitchen and bar. The grounds have room for camping, an outside cabin kitchen and skating rink.


The Ferrier Community Hall is located at SE 22-39-8-5. 
President:  Neil Ratcliffe (403-845-5745) 
Hall Contact:  Elsie Nelson (403-845-5745) / or Debbie Gastonguay (403-845-6922)
Hall capacity: 60+
Amenities include: a full kitchen, outdoor event space, commercial outdoor stove, playground, ball diamonds and camping area.
Catering is available for family functions and corporate events.


The Frisco Community Hall is located at 72080 TWP RD 40-5A (NW 34-40-7-5).  
Hall Capacity: 100 people  
Hall contact: Amber Hutton (403-844-1642)
Amenities include: grounds feature event camping. 


The Gimlet Community Hall is located at 412079 RGE RD 4-3 (NW 15-41-4-5). 
Hall contact: Juli Houston (403-746-5677)
Hall capacity: 200
Amenities include: hall and rodeo grounds.


The Gwendale Community Hall is located at SE 28-35-4-5. 
Hall contact: Lyle Pederson (403-728-3801)
Hall capacity: 120


The Hardindell Community Hall is located at 384089 HWY 752 (NE 25-38-8-5). 
Amenities include: a covered deck, horse shoe pits and camping.
Hall contact: Vonda Cinnamon 403-322-7707
Hall capacity: 200+


The Leslieville Community Hall is located at 210 2 AVE - Leslieville (SE 26-39-5-5). 
Hall capacity: 250+
Amenities include: a banquet or dance area, kitchen facilities and a stage.
Hall contacts:  Kathy Hogberg (403-846-3797)


The Nordegg Community Hall is located at SW 34-40-15-5. 
Hall capacity: 100+
Hall contact: Florrie Huckle (1-780-405-9681)