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November 6, 2023: Inaugural Amalgamation Committee Meeting

(Rocky Mountain House, AB) – On November 2, 2023, the first meeting for Clearwater County & Village of Caroline Amalgamation Councils Committee of the Whole took place in Clearwater County Council Chamber. This is the first of many meetings for negotiation purposes only that are live streamed and recorded for enhanced transparency and communication. The establishment of this Amalgamation Committee comes from recently passed bylaws that enables the two municipalities to formally enter negotiations prior to making a decision whether or not to pursue amalgamation.

Public Engagement and Input

The significance of public engagement and input in this process cannot be overstated. Valuable insights from the community during the Amalgamation Study in February-March 2023 have shaped seven essential themes for Councils’ consideration, these include debt overview; efficiencies and economies of scale; governance decision vs. financial decision; self determination vs. outside determination; service mix and service levels; property taxes; and, where each municipality stands on the issue(s).

Throughout the amalgamation process, more opportunities for public engagement will be available to ensure that the voices of the residents are heard and considered.

Amalgamation Process Overview

The Amalgamation Committee will follow a well-defined process in accordance with the Municipal Government Act. This process includes essential steps, such as notifying the Minister of Municipal Affairs, negotiating mandatory items, and engaging in public consultation to draft a comprehensive report.

Negotiation Matters for Consideration

The committee will address a comprehensive list of mandatory negotiation items, as directed by Municipal Affairs, ensuring that no critical aspect of the amalgamation is overlooked. Furthermore, operational planning items will also be discussed to facilitate a comprehensive report.

With a shared vision statement and objectives to guide the project, both Clearwater County and the Village of Caroline are committed to proceeding with the amalgamation process, recognizing its benefits.

High Level Project Timeline

A draft timeline and key milestones for the project are in the process of being reviewed and finalized, including the date of amalgamation.

The commitment to transparency and engagement with the public remains a core value throughout this process. 

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