Property Tax Calculator

Estimate your taxes based on your assessed value with the below Property Tax Calculator. Choose your assessment class from the menu in the drop-down list. Enter your assessment values and see the table below.
This calculator is for information purposes only. The calculation does not include any penalties, local improvement levies, or outstanding taxes owed from previous years. Final tax bills have been mailed to property owners as listed on the current Land Title.

2022 Tax Rates 

(this estimate combines one lump sum for the municipal tax, seniors foundation and school requisition levies)
Non-Residential (includes commercial, industrial, campground, gravel pit, telecommunication) 0.0118163
Small Business0.0098178
Machinery & Equipment0.0118163

Visit the Property Taxes page to learn more about the 2022 Tax Rates.

Residential (based on 2021 Assessment/2022 Tax Rates)

2023 Tax Rates Tax Distribution for 2023
Residential 5.3485 % ----
Your Total Taxes for 2023