Dust Suppression

Clearwater County provides an affordable dust control program that allows residents to apply for Calcium Chloride application for a distance of 150 meters (500 feet) in front of a farmstead, residence or business on municipal road allowance. 

Clearwater County is currently accepting applications for Calcium Chloride Dust Suppression until May 31, 2023 with applications filled out in person at the main County office located at 4340 47 Ave, Rocky Mountain House. 

Calcium Chloride

The cost of one Calcium Chloride Dust Suppression application is $1,176.00. Under current County policy, 1/2 (50.00%) of this cost is borne by the Client, and 1/2 (50.00%) by the County.

Dust suppression warranty shall begin on the day the dust suppression is applied and runs to September 30th of the year of application. The Municipality will have the right to maintain the dust suppression as it deems necessary.

Clearwater County will require full payment prior to application of dust suppression. Please note this contract will not be automatically renewed each year.