Road Bans

Current Road Bans & Bridge Restrictions

Road Ban Notification - June 3, 2022

Highway Order No. 02/22 will come into effect Friday, June 3, 2022 at 12:00pm 

  • Road bans will be applied as conditions warrant. Road bans are typically in effect from mid March- mid June, dependent on weather conditions. 
  • Road bans on municipal surfaced roads must be adhered to and percentage axle weight restrictions must be met by all industrial/commercial users.
  • All heavy trucks utilizing gravel roads must operate on dry or frozen track only.

For more information on road restrictions, please contact Public Works Administration at 403-845-4444.

Please be advised that as of 12:01am, on December 5, 2022, Winter Season Weights came into effect. See our Road Weights Control policy under Documents below. 

For more information on road restrictions, please contact Public Works Administration at 403-845-4444.

Clearwater County has a permitting system in place that assists with the monitoring and rerouting of heavy hauls around weak or sensitive areas.

To receive a single trip permit contact:


Government of Alberta - Alberta Transportation Online Service - TRAVIS MJ

Government of Alberta - Alberta Transportation Central Permit Office 1-800-662-7138
Roadata - 1-888-830-7623
Weights: Axle weights allowance on Clearwater County surfaced roads are applied in accordance with each individual surfaced road structure (see Road Weights Control Policy). All gravel roads will follow the legal permitted weight unless Clearwater County deems it necessary to use further restrictions to protect the road structure.
Log Haul: Log hauls within Clearwater County will be assessed by Public Works Staff.
Requirements: All permitted loads are to contact the local authorities before traveling on Clearwater County roads. All multi-truck hauls require a road use permit if hauling 10 loads or more per day.  See: Road Use Policy. Dust suppression is required if there is more than 5 trips in any given one hour period. See: Road Use Policy.
Allowances: Axle Weight Allowances have been determined by the structure of the road. Not all of the roads in Clearwater County have been built to the same load bearing structure.



For more information about permitting and road bans contact