Our Goal

Improving our roadways and infrastructure reduces maintenance costs, promotes future development and improves our overall municipal reputation. It is Clearwater County's goal to work effectively and responsibly within all our programs. Contractors and staff are to maintain a high level of professionalism with management, landowners, rate payers and the public.

Commitment to Safety

The safety of all personnel, support staff, the public and all who maybe directly or indirectly affected by our construction activities is our number one priority. No job is so important that it cannot be done safely. All contractors and staff will work diligently to eliminate hazards or put controls in place that minimizes hazards associated with our activities. Regular safety meetings, hazard assessments, personnel training and regular inspections will be an integral part of our construction program. The safety department can give a fresh pair of eyes prospective which can be invaluable in recognizing possible safety concerns. Therefore the construction team will work responsibly and submit ourselves to regular inspections from the safety department.

Our Commitment to the Environment

Environmental protection is another integral part of all our operations. All efforts will be made that the environment is not compromised by our activities. Waste management, water course preservation, education and training for employees will be maintained. Designated re-fueling and service areas will be identified and proper procedures will be followed. Accidents or spills will be promptly cleaned up and reported or for larger spills the proper authorities will be notified immediately.

Construction Staff and Contractors

Clearwater County employs a small core group of full time employees complimented by seasonal part time staff during the summer months. Most of our construction projects utilize local day labour contractors with some of the larger projects being tendered out as per legislation. If you are interested in working with Clearwater County please fill out our Heavy Equipment Listing Form.


West Country Road Project
As per Council's Road Surfacing and Other Major Projects Policy, funding is put into reserve annually for major grading projects in remote areas of the County. In 2017, 5.2 km of the Northfork Road was tendered and constructed. This project was completed in 2019.
Resource Roads

Resource roads are primarily used by industry, see a high amount of truck traffic and often have seasonal usage. Re-construction costs of these roads are very high due to the remote location and topography commonly associated with these roads. Clearwater County continues to annually monitor and apply for grant funding for these types of roads.

New Road Construction

Generally new municipal road construction includes access roads to isolated properties on a cost share basis with the property owner.  

Gravel Road Rehabilitation

All the gravel roads in Clearwater County are assessed bi- annually and given a score. There are several different road characteristics that contribute differently to the overall evaluation. The data collected is reviewed and priorities are established. The construction process includes salvaging the surface gravel, excavating any topsoil or unsound road building material and hauling and placing road fill material to the grade lines established by the supervisors. The salvaged gravel is then re-applied, the ditches are cleaned up and the surface is re-graveled.

The roads designated for rehabilitation are considered by Clearwater County Council and will be posted upon approval.

Shoulder Pull

A shoulder pull has proven to be an economical way of prolonging the life of a gravel road. Over time a road can increase in width from routine maintenance and traffic. This process involves rolling the shoulder of the road onto the surface re-consolidating the material and re-graveling.


Planning and Design

Clearwater County's priority is to maintain the existing infrastructure. The Road Surfacing and Other Major Projects policy outlines priority setting criteria to assist the administration in making its recommendations to Council. Upon consideration Council may choose to approve recommended projects.

All new construction, road rehabilitation and road upgrades are evaluated classified and designed to suit its intended purpose. Consideration is also given to the possibility of future development. Further detailed design specifications can be found in the latest edition of Alberta Transportation's Standard Specifications for Highway Construction, the Transportation Association of Canada manual and relevant existing policies. Due to topographical constraints, it may be necessary to reduce some standards in certain areas.