Health Professions Engagement Team

The Rocky Mountain House/Clearwater County Health Professionals Engagement Team is a sub-committee of the Rocky Chamber of Commerce. Their primary supporters and funding partners are Clearwater County and the Town of Rocky Mountain House with the objective to attracts and retains health professionals and helps provide support and resources.

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The Rocky - Clearwater - Caroline Physician Recruitment and Retention Society was formed in 2007 when the Rocky Mountain House/Clearwater County community experienced a crisis of dwindling numbers of physicians for the area - due mainly to retirement and not having new doctors in the area to succession plan.  

To address the physician shortage issue, an advisory committee was struck comprised of community members from Clearwater County, the Town of Rocky Mountain House, the hospital, the doctor's and the clinic, the local newspaper, the Rocky and District Chamber of Commerce and the public at large. From there the Rocky/Clearwater Physician Recruitment and Retention Society was developed with the mission to find new physicians for the area and retain the existing ones.

Since its inception, the Society has been able to produce positive results and successfully recruited seven additional doctors to the community. With the enhanced compliment of physicians has come improved access to service, with the addition of an after-hours walk-in clinic in Rocky Mountain House and satellite medical clinic in the Village of Caroline.

Click here to see the Physician Recruitment and Retention Guide which provides a historical overview of the development and success of the Rocky - Clearwater - Caroline Physician Recruitment and Retention Society.