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County Services Municipal Development Plan Review

Municipal Development Plan Review

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Clearwater County is at the next stage of review of the Municipal Development Plan (MDP), where some initial changes have been suggested based on public comments and Council review and discussions. The County has created a special edition of the Clearwater County Highlights newsletter that is entirely focused on the MDP review. If you are a Clearwater County landowner, you will be receiving this in the mail in the coming weeks. You can also find a digital version of the newsletter here. We have additional documents and information for you to review below and a variety of opportunities to provide your comments.


The MDP review process is intended to assess the current policies and direction of the 2010 MDP to determine what is working as intended and what may need adjustment. This includes seeing if the policies still fit the desired direction of the community. 

This page will be updated as the project progresses. Please check back from time to time to see:

  • Updates on the project and where we are at in the process;
  • Materials to review and comment on; and
  • Notices about opportunities for your participation.
We are seeking your feedback on this next step by September 30, 2020

What is a Municipal Development Plan (MDP)?
The MDP is a collection of policies that act as an overall "blueprint” for future land use and physical changes in the County. It provides a long-term vision of the type of community that County residents and ratepayers desire. From there, policies on topics such as land use, protecting the natural environment, economic development, infrastructure, and community amenities and services provide direction on how to reach the vision.
The policies of the MDP are used by Council in assessing more detailed plans, such as area structure plans and outline plans, and Land Use Bylaw re-designations to allow development to proceed. They are used by residents to understand what types of land uses may be allowed in various parts of the County. The policies are also binding on decisions for subdivision applications.

Why is the MDP important?
The MDP guides and directs future physical growth and development. It seeks to ensure that growth is orderly, economical and beneficial while balancing the environmental, social and economic needs and desires of the community. It is visionary, strategic and long-term in its outlook and application. The MDP reflects the kind of community residents wish to see in the future (25 to 30 years from now) and then identifies ways to achieve this future. 

Topics covered in the MDP include:

  • Preservation of significant environmental features and impacts on the environment;
  • Protecting special places and providing recreation opportunities;
  • Expectations relating to rural residential development;
  • The role and future of hamlets;
  • Economic development and the role of various economic sectors;
  • Infrastructure such as roads, railways, airports, water and wastewater systems, storm water management, modern telecommunications;
  • Services to the community such as health care, education, emergency response, and protective services; and
  • Relations with other communities, regions and the Province with respect to land use planning matters. 

Who is leading the process?
Clearwater County Council is leading the process with assistance from Clearwater County's Planning & Development department staff and consulting firm, Parkland Community Planning Services.

What is the process for the MDP review?
The five broad stages in the review process are:


What stage is the process at?
The MDP Review is in the third stage of the process "Public Consultation & Input”. Now is your chance to review some proposed changes and provide your comments. After this stage a Draft Revised Plan will be created and you will be given an additional chance at that stage to provide your thoughts.

How can I be involved? 
Staff and Council have made proposed changes to the current MDP based on feedback to date and have created a bold and strikethrough document to show the policies proposed to be moved or removed from the document as well as possible additions.

You can view a copy of the Bold and Strikethrough MDP here.

There are additional materials to review including Scenario maps that show a hypothetical township that has been pieced together with land uses and features from different parts of the County. The scenarios are not intended to show what will happen, but what could happen based on current and proposed policies. Click on the links below to review the maps for visualizing the ideas for change.

All Clearwater County residents should also expect to receive a special edition of the County Highlights Newsletter regarding the MDP review and proposed changes in the beginning of September. An electronic version of the Newsletter can be found here.

A Message from Reeve Timothy Hoven about the MDP review

Municipal Development Plan Review: Process

Municipal Development Plan Review: Vision

Municipal Development Plan Review: Campgrounds and Recreation


Are we on target? 
Please review the information provided and submit your feedback in writing via:
  • Email:
  • Mail: Box 550, Rocky Mountain House, AB, T4T 1A4
  • Drop off at the County Office at 4340 – 47th Avenue, Rocky Mountain House
  • Fill in the form below
You are welcome to provide in-person feedback via phone at 403-845-4444 or by visiting the County office.
Please provide your feedback by September 30, 2020

More Information or Comments to Share?
For further information about the MDP review or to share your thoughts/comments please contact:
Kim Gilham, Senior Planner, Clearwater County
Phone: 403-845-4444



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