Municipal Development Plan Review

What is the Municipal Development Plan (MDP)?

The MDP is a collection of policies that act as an overall "blueprint” for future land use and physical changes in the County. It provides a long-term vision of the type of community that County residents and ratepayers desire. From there, policies on topics such as land use, protecting the natural environment, economic development, infrastructure, and community amenities and services provide direction on how to reach the vision.

The policies of the MDP are used by Council in assessing more detailed plans, such as area structure plans and outline plans, and Land Use Bylaw re-designations to allow development to proceed. They are used by residents to understand what types of land uses may be allowed in various parts of the County. The policies are also binding on decisions for subdivision applications. 

You can view a copy of the current (2010) Municipal Development Plan (click here).

Who is leading the review process?

Clearwater County Council is leading the process with assistance from Clearwater County's Planning & Development department staff and consulting firm, Parkland Community Planning Services. 

At their September 28, 2021 regular Council meeting, Administration presented a report on the general summaries of the comments received from the public during the 2020-21 public engagement stage. Click here to see the agenda report.

The newly elected Council for the term 2021-2025 has re-initiated the MDP Review process and is committed to completing the review during their term in office. Please stay tuned for more information and opportunities for public participation.  This page will be updated as information becomes available.