Nordegg Development Plan Update

Nordegg Development Plan Update

Clearwater County is updating the Nordegg Development Plan and would like to hear from you.  The County has retained MPE Engineering Ltd.  – and they have now prepared an initial draft of the plan update. You can view the Draft Update here. You can provide comment through an upcoming public engagement process. 

Why is the plan being updated?

The original plan was completed in 2000. That plan can be viewed here. With the passage of time much progress has been made and better information is available. To keep the plan relevant, it is time for an update.  

Does this mean a significant change in direction for Nordegg?

No. The County and property owners have made significant investments in the townsite based upon the vision in the original plan.  Supporting tourism and promoting economic development in the West Country remain key goals.  The update (draft) is intended to reflect current conditions rather than adopting any significant change in direction.  

Who should provide comment?

It is important that the County hear from anyone with an interest in the future of Nordegg – permanent residents, seasonal residents, businesses and visitors.

Where can I get more information?

COUNTY WEB PAGE: Check back here for updates and to review the documents. 

NORDEGG SHELL SHOP: Paper copies of the update (draft) will be available for viewing in the Nordegg Shell Shop. Paper copies to take away are also available upon request.  

IN-PERSON OPEN HOUSE: Given the ongoing restrictions due to Covid-19, on JUNE 26, 2021 from 11 am to 5 pm the County is planning to hold a socially-distanced open-air public open-house (sheltered in case of rain) at the Nordegg Public Services Building (Fire Hall).

VIRTUAL OPEN HOUSE: Two 1 ½ hour virtual open-house sessions (via Zoom) will also be held at 2pm and again at 7pm on JUNE 29, 2021.  To attend, please register on the webpage above.

COMMENTS OR QUESTIONS?  Call, email, drop off or mail to:

            Nordegg Development Plan Update               Attention: Kim Gilham, Senior Planner           

            Clearwater County, 4340 - 47 Avenue Box 550, Rocky Mountain House, AB, T4T 1A4

            Phone: (403) 845-4444           Email Address:

 You can also fill out the comment box below.

What sort of changes are in the update?

The update (draft) now reflects Council decisions over the years, recognizes local residents’ initiatives, eliminates redundant or achieved objectives, lists numerous improvements, and shows updated conditions on the ground.    For example a few key updates include: 

  • The existing manufactured home subdivision is now properly located, on the site originally proposed for the light industrial area, which intern is now accommodated by the industrial subdivision on Hwy 734 just southwest of the townsite;
  • The primary historic treatment area is narrowed slightly in width to reduce future development costs for both the County and future property owners, while still maintaining historic architecture immediately along the corridor to the mine site;
  • The future Hwy 11 east access is now aligned with the new road to North Nordegg;
  • The open space and pathway concept is now centred on the recent Nordegg Trail Plan (2016) and introduces a new policy that permits limited access by off-highway vehicles (OHVs) between residences in the townsite and trails in the West Country.
  • The area recreation map is updated to utilize more recent Provincial mapping.
  • The development constraints map is updated to reflect completed site investigations and changes of key buildings since 2000.
  • The improvements by the County and local residents since 2000 are listed, such as over 240 residential, leisure residential, manufactured home and commercial lots throughout Nordegg; the new essential infrastructure systems (i.e. water, fire protection, wastewater and storm water); the new public facilities (i.e. Public Services Building / Fire Hall, Discovery Park, ice rink and interactive Hwy. 11 sign); environmental improvements (i.e. Martin Creek relocation, lagoons and landfill reclamation) and more.
  • The plan policies are updated to reiterate the goal of developing the townsite in a fiscally responsible and financially sustainable manner.

Please review the proposed updates in the Nordegg Development Plan Update (draft) and the attached Maps. Each individual map can also be found below.

What are some of the things that remain the same in the Plan?

The future vision for Nordegg remains the same, as well as the original vision statement:

“Nordegg strives to be a unique family friendly, four season community which maintains consistency with its historic legacy and natural mountainous setting, while being served by affordable services and facilities and sustained by an economic base fitting the community’s location and roots.”

The original policies have seen little if any change.  Design guidelines from the original 2000 plan, and supporting detailed guidelines developed since, also remain unchanged at this time.