Nordegg Trail Concept Plan

At their July 14, 2015 meeting, Clearwater County Council approved the release of the Nordegg Trail Concept Plan for community review and comment. Public consultation occurred in August 2015.  
At their regular meeting on March 22, 2016, following the public consultation phase, Council endorsed the concept plan for a motorized and non-motorized trail system in Nordegg and area.  At the meeting, discussion took place on trail development funding, opportunities for grant funding and highway crossing safety. 
The Nordegg Trail Concept Plan includes the mapping of existing trails in the hamlet of Nordegg, as well as recommendations for trail improvements, expansions and a trail management plan that will further link the community to existing trails in the West Country.  
Trail types incorporated in the Nordegg Trail Concept Plan include motorized (off-highway vehicles) and non-motorized (walking, hiking, mountain biking, snowshoeing, cross country skiing and some equestrian use). 
The Nordegg Development Plan, that guides overall planning for the hamlet, supports trail development and the Nordegg Trail Concept Plan is expected to encourage appropriate recreational trail use in the area.  With mapping existing trails, more trail signage and more information on trail rules, the Trail Plan is intended to support the safe use of trails and foster trail user compliance.