Lots for Sale in Nordegg


Manufactured Home Subdivision
As part of its efforts to support development and provide a wide range of housing options in the growing community, Clearwater County is working on Phase I of the Nordegg Manufactured Home Subdivision.It is comprised of 30 fully serviced parcels located on Quarry Road on the east side of Nordegg. For more information click here. Work continues on Phase 2 with shallow utilities and trees to be installed on Lilly Avenue.

South Nordegg Lot Sales (Town Lots) 
The redeveloped lots on Elizabeth Avenue in Nordegg's Historic Downtown have mostly been sold
North Nordegg Lot Sales (Acreage Lots)

Currently, there are no longer Leisure or Residential Lots available for sale with Clearwater County on the North side of Highway 11. Please check local real estate listings for private sales.

Commercial Lots

The completion of new commercial lots are now listed for sale. Please contact the local realtor for more information.

Local Realtor

Please contact Lorna Moore at Royal LePage Tamarack Trail Realty for more information at (403) 844-9644 or at Lorna@Lorna.ca